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Paying the Price for Status Quo

I enjoy reading, I’ll read just about anything put in front of me given the right circumstances. I’ve read hundreds of recipes for things I’ll never cook, read articles on everything from surviving in the Arctic if I ever find myself stranded there to why Michael Jackson is the greatest musical entertainer of all time…

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Using a Screwdriver to Pound a Nail

My parents married pretty young by today’s standards; my Father was 19 and my Mother was 20.  They married in March, and in November, along came their first and favorite son — me.  It only took me until college to figure out that there weren’t quite enough months between their wedding date and my arrival…

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The Art of Saving Time

Hate is a strong word, I try not to use it if at all possible but there are a couple of things I do hate. The first one is dusting, I absolutely hate dusting, always have. I do all the dusting in my house for the simple reason that, well, I live alone except for…

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