Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees to be informed, happy, and engaged through our Employee Self-Service module. Employees can easily access information on compensation, benefits, and performance. By customizing the module to fit the needs of your business, we can include everything from basic pay stubs and W-2 access to advanced HR and Benefits information.


  • Solutions are completely web-based, allowing for both admin and employee level access for employee information and personal details.
  • Save time, money, and paper through our online solution
  • Seamlessly integrate standard data between payroll and employee service models
  • Access to team’s career information (salary, training, career development) for managerial staff
  • Employees can edit personal information to keep up-to-date, saving the company money on clerical time and reducing employee information inaccuracies
  • Employees have access to pay stub details from current and past pay periods and the ability to view and print W-2s online.
  • Time-saving online benefits enrollment for employees, with ability to select insurance plans, enter dependents and beneficiaries, and update benefits when life events occur
  • Ability for employees to submit time off requests and seek approval from managers