Online and Onsite Clocks

Using a single Patrick Payroll solution or a network of solutions, we makes it easy and efficient to manage your labor force, no matter what method your employees use to clock in. With Patrick Payroll’s iSolved system, there is nothing to install, you get updates in real-time, and you can choose from different options so your solution is catered to your needs.


Available Options:

  • Physical Time Clock: Employees clock in and out with a badge swipe, PIN, or their SSN
  • Biometric Time Clock: Secure clock in/out using fingerprints or retinal scans. Eliminates possibility of employees clocking each other in.
  • Web Clock: Use a password and username online to clock in and out. Options for use on a designated IP address.
  • Mobile or other smart device: Mobile time punches can be tracked by time, date, and location, allowing managers to guarantee accurate and honest time recording.