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You deserve more than JUST Payroll…

When it comes to payroll service providers, employers have many providers to choose from. However, most of these choices can be categorized into two buckets: the big national players who will barely know you exist or the local providers who have antiquated technology, lack of features and functionality, and cannot keep up with the increasing demands of regulations and compliance, such as the Affordable Care Act. And that’s where Patrick Payroll is different! Patrick Payroll has cutting-edge technology delivered by an elite local team. Whether you are looking to free yourself from the hassle of in-house payroll processing, frustrated by being just a number with your current provider, or just tired of an outdated or inefficient way of doing things — Patrick Payroll offers both an unparalleled level of technology and an elite local team.

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The Team

Our History

From our very first client in 2003, we have seen the necessity to help our clients with their most important asset — their people.

Over the years, Patrick Accounting provided payroll services to their accounting clients as an integrated approach to providing accounting services to small business. After working with our clients and while interacting with tons of business owners, payroll was always a topic of conversation and frustration. The pain and struggle of not being able to get someone on the phone, or not getting answers to questions when they arose, or even better yet, knowing what questions to even ask. So after providing payroll services to our accounting clients for over 9 years, in 2013, Patrick Accounting separated Patrick Payroll from the accounting firm with a mission of easing the burden of employers in managing their workforce, having an uncommon level of service and interaction with our clients, and never being satisfied with the status quo.

Well, we still aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Today’s employers need so much more than JUST payroll. From hire to retire, our clients needs are changing. They need resources that include HR, Benefits Administration, Time and Attendance, Employee Onboarding and so much more. We call this Human Capital Management and that’s why we think you deserve more than JUST payroll.